About Mancuso Group

Founding Story

Mancuso Business Development Group exists to transform the opportunity in buildings into economic success for people and communities.

In 1959 we introduced the business incubator movement to the world. The concept behind the business “incubator” is to create an office, commercial or industrial building that will attract businesses of all sizes. The goal is to help the business get started, grow, create jobs in the community, and mature until it is strong enough to become independent. These profitable, mature enterprises or "graduates” often continue to improve the community by buying or building new facilities when they move out of the "nest".

Our success in revitalizing huge empty industrial and office buildings for property owners and economic development organizations by filling them with job generating enterprises led to the creation of our commercial real estate brokerage and management operations.

Since 1959 we have helped thousands of businesses create countless jobs and revitalized many office and industrial buildings using our unique process. Our approach focuses on balancing two disciplines – financial performance and nurturing the fulfillment of entrepreneurial dreams – to drive our innovative solutions.


Creatively matching the realities of a situation to the available resources in order to achieve our client’s objectives has been the winning combination for many property owners and business people. Contact us today so we can start working to make your business dreams a reality.

- B. Thomas Mancuso, SIOR

Creative Space at Batavia Industrial Center

Did you know that a business that enters an incubator program is twice as likely to survive than those who don't? The Batavia Industrial Center (BIC) is home to the world’s first business incubator. We focus on three things to make your business successful: Space, Service and Savvy.

Space: We offer flexible space agreements that are fairly priced and tailored to fit your needs. We can accommodate almost any type of business including manufacturing as well as creative and office space.

Service: We have developed a unique set of services that we offer our clients that includes office support, such as fax machines, accounting service, and telephone answering, as well as manufacturing needs which include fork trucks, loading docks and cranes to name a few. We focus on turning fixed costs into variable costs so that you only pay for things when you need them. This allows you to focus entirely on your business.

Savvy: The business and financial knowledge that Mancuso Business Development Group brings to the table is valuable to the success of a start-up, growing or slowing business. We provide client seminars, one on one meetings as well as our facilities culture, which encourages the networking between clients.

Our goal is to provide space, service and savvy to make your business as successful as it can be. We have created an environment that fosters innovation and reduces uncertainty associated with starting a business. Come see the Batavia Industrial Center in Batavia, NY and see the space we have for you.

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