Success Stories

• Eased the downsizing of a publicly traded corporation in a very large industrial building by leasing the vacated space to multiple tenants and then selling the building at a price that was strengthened by the profitability of the leased space.

• Working with a sole proprietor service business as it grew from 300 SF and a single truck to over 11,000 SF with 15 trucks and then searched the market to find an affordable building for them to buy and expand into.

• Relocated a small industrial startup into 4,000 SF of space, accommodated their growth to over 100,000 SF, assisted in finding land to build a new building to grow into and now advising on real estate matters for out-of-state locations they’ve acquired.

• Repositioned an almost vacant, downtown property into an executive suite, small office center and business incubator that is now over 90% occupied.

• While attempting to sell a 200,000 SF industrial building in a rural location, leased it in sections to multiple tenants and created a profitable investment that the owner says he “can’t afford to sell”.

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