Innovative solutions to unusual problems are the strength of the Mancuso Business Development Group. We provide the leadership and services to fill and reuse complicated buildings with businesses that employ hometown people. Examples of value we can provide to your project include:


Where do you begin? We’ve started and managed programs in recycled buildings from 16,000 SF to over 1,000,000 SF in communities from 2,000 people to more than 1,000,000 population MSA’s. Our broad experience allows us to deliver reality-based opinions on prospects and pathways to achieve your project’s strategic objectives and maximize your return on investment while you’re still in the planning stages.


Every community has unique opportunities and challenges. Many places struggle to devise long-term financially sound programs to attract, encourage, and grow independent local businesses that provide jobs and promote local prosperity. Existing empty or underutilized properties can be the raw material for a customized hometown solution.

The Mancuso Business Development Group has participated in thousands of real estate transactions. Our experience as hands-on building owners and professional service providers gives us a tremendous experience and a special “feel” for the many difficult situations a project sponsor may encounter. We use the knowledge gained from these activities to significantly increase our ability to help you design a blueprint for your specific opportunity.


Building a strong local team and guiding their progress is essential to any business incubator’s success and survival. The Mancuso Business Development Group can utilize their time-tested tools and concepts to help assemble and train your team. Ongoing periodic performance evaluations are another tool to continually review results and guide the strategic evolution of your program over the years.

Please contact us to learn how we may share our experiences to help your program increase its progress.

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