A business incubator is a building with affordable industrial, commercial, and/or office space that offers shared services, assistance, and guidance that helps people start and grow businesses to create local jobs.

The first business incubator in the world was created in 1959, in a small rural city in Upstate, NY, in response to that town’s dramatic increase in unemployment caused by the closure of the largest local employer. The large, empty, old, and obsolete factory would not attract another large employer, so, in a private sector response to a community disaster, a local business family bought the vacant property and gave Joe Mancuso the mission to “Fill the building and create jobs”. His tireless and strategic efforts to develop a place that attracted “anyone and everyone” to startup, grow and prosper in his facility spawned the mission-driven shared space, flexible services, supportive guidance and nurturing environment that are the hallmarks of successful job-creating business incubators.


Every place has a unique opportunity. There are countless combinations of population, geography, history, timing, and other resources that contribute to the possibilities and trajectory for any particular community. Recycling underutilized buildings is an important key to generating jobs for people.

Most communities would like to have more successful, locally owned businesses. Many of these places also have empty, obsolete and/or underutilized commercial, industrial or institutional properties (such as old factories, department stores, schools, churches, et cetera). Often, these buildings become blighted eyesores that can contribute to a downward spiral (both economically & psychologically).

A solution to both of these challenges can be achieved by combining them and adaptively reusing such a struggling property into a job-creating business incubator.

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